About Us


I am often asked how we arrived at the ranch name. The Running I name came from our original ranch property in Lincoln, California where we bred and raised thoroughbred race horses from 1984-1990. Since we were in the racing business it seemed natural to have “running” somewhere in the name since we did not want to use a standard ranch type name like Lazy in describing our thoroughbred horses. We also wanted to use our last name initial of “I” and we both agreed there was no way we wanted to be known successful or otherwise as the Lazy I Ranch. We kind of felt people might tend to stare at us upon first meetings if you get my drift. So, the Running I Ranch was born and although raising race horses did not work out, the ranch name stuck like mud to our boots.

Now, Cindy, initially was the horse person as is the case in most relationships and I had to play catch up for several years acting as labor. Cindy was involved in the 1970’s with California State Horsemen’s Association (CSHA), California Professional Horsemen’s Association (CPHA) and NorCal , Northern California Horsemen’s Association, where she actively showed in western pleasure, western equitation and trail horse classes. She had wonderful quarter horse gelding named Fancy, that she raised and trained from a baby to championship status. Fancy was an awesome trail horse and helped inspire our Ultimate Trail Horse Course.

In 1990 we moved to Dunnigan to get closer to my work and away from the rocks in Lincoln. We purchased twenty acres and had a dream of building a riding complex to share with our friends. Since that time, horses have become a way of life for both of us and horse activities have come along hand in hand. We are involved in trail riding, packing, roping, gymkhana, trail events, horse training, welding and more labor. As a result, we feel we can now offer new and experienced riders the opportunity to enjoy what we have built.

Did we mention, for those outdoor folks who could care less about riding horses. We thought about you also. There is a four acre pond stocked with bass and pan fish for fishing and a picnic area. Sorry though, we do not provide computer access or video games, just an opportunity to get some fresh air and time out of the house.